Who we are

After many years in the fashion industry, the desire for sustainable, ecological and at the same time fashionable shoes, which should have as little impact on the environment as possible, became ever greater. And without any animal suffering and consequently without animal leather. In 2020, after almost 3 years of development work, we launched Ella & Witt, our own 100% vegan and PETA-certified shoe brand.


The rescue of the cow "Schneewittchen" aka "WITT" in July 2017 through our animal welfare project "Weidetiere Zons" was the final impulse and also gave us the name - ELLA & WITT. ELLA is our rescued gander and WITT the almost white cow. She moved in with the grazing animals in 2017.

WITT gave birth to her son EMIL a few weeks after moving in. We had saved not just one, but two lives.

Our mixed herd at the WEIDETIERE ZONS sanctuary is the greatest motivation to protect the environment and avoid animal suffering.

Buy shoes, do good

We design and produce shoes that protect the environment and animals. We are constantly developing our shoes and materials with various partners and are always on the lookout for new plant-based and recycled raw materials and the perfect ingredients. Standing still means going backwards, and together with you we are always moving forward!

What makes our shoes

We want to leave as small a trace as possible.

Leaving no trace is not possible. At least not at the moment. But since the journey is the destination, we are constantly looking for new materials or recycling possibilities to become more and more sustainable.

Standing still is not an option!