Ella & Witt - vegan shoes for everyone

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Ella & Witt - vegan shoes for everyone -

Ella & Witt - vegan shoes for everyone

In the beginning there was the cow - and the gander

The beginning of Ella & Witt was spontaneous. There was an appeal among acquaintances to save a cow that was to be shipped to Uzbekistan and slaughtered there. The cow was estimated to be 9 months old, still a teenager herself and probably pregnant. The owner was no longer interested in keeping cattle and out of 9 cows, 8 were able to move into Gut Aiderbichl and one cow was urgently looking for her emergency place. One look into those beautiful eyes was enough and we spontaneously contributed the missing balance to her rescue.

Witt the cow

In July 2016, the surprise package „Schneewittchen" (Snow-White) arrived at our sanctuary "Weidetiere Zons". Nobody knew if she was pregnant or not, but everything was prepared for a possible birth.

And in September it really happened and Schneewittchen gave birth to little Emil without any complications. We two-legged members of the grazing group were all very happy that we had saved 2 lives and that 2 big cattle would now complete the mixed herd.

In the meantime 5 1/2 years have passed! Schneewittchen (aka Mrs. Witt) and "little"  Emil, who live happily in the midst of a colourful herd, show everyone what loving and gentle animals cattle are!


Regularly during the warm season, children and their parents can visit this herd after prior registration and thus come into contact with so-called "farm animals". This has already brought about many a change of heart in young and old...

Ella the gander

Ella, by the way, is a gander who was initially mistaken for a lady and is the boss of the troupe. Anyone who has no respect for this mighty animal will feel it.

       Ella - not amused

And Ella knows very well that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. And reminds all the other creatures very impressively!

Vegan shoes for all

Our idea of a shoe brand that is produced sustainably in Europe without animal suffering and with the lowest possible environmental impact through a high proportion of plant-based materials and maximum use of recycled materials had been in our heads for a long time. After 3 years of preparation, everything was ready to go and now the child finally had a name: Ella & Witt.

Ella & Witt launched in April 2020

Since April 2020, we have had our own webshop! The first one and a half years were full of wonderful encounters with you great customers! It's not easy these days, but your positive and constructive feedback and your enthusiasm for our shoes and our grazing animals carry us through these times.

And your purchase does good! In this way we ensure the good and safe life of our grazing animals, because a part of our proceeds flows directly into the project and you can always participate in the life on the pasture. 

And 2022 will be a really good year for all of us!❤️