About us

Ella & Witt is a German label for sustainable and vegan shoes, sneakers and fashion. In Cologne/Germany we develop our products with high demands on quality, sustainability, durability and design. 
The materials we currently work with are either recycled or organic based and are all 100% free of animal ingredients and solvents. 

Our aim is to ethically produce the best possible eco-friendly footwear that meets our high design standards, while constantly improving production and materials.

We value social responsibility, excellent materials, integrity and authenticity.

We are committed to authentic, mindful design and production, using sustainable vegan materials.

Our brand name Ella & Witt comes from our direct neighbourhood, where Ganter Ella and cow Schneewitchen alias Frau Witt are residents of the "Weidetiere Zons". The immediate proximity to animals that have been saved from a senseless death has motivated us extremely to find sustainable vegan alternatives to leather. Our contribution is to develop a brand that is vegan through and through in all aspects of its products and production process.

Behind Ella & Witt are Birgit and Torsten Lasar, who, after many years in the shoe industry, want to make the world a more beautiful and better place through shoes that are as ecologically harmless as possible and at the same time fashionable. Three years of development work led to the launch of the webshop in April 2020.